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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in the Bishop area is outstanding!

From epic backcountry adventures to quick singletrack fun - we have it all!

Bir Road Trails

Thanks to a bunch of dedicated locals, there are an abundance of sweet trails at this locale. The main trailhead is at the junction of Bir Road and Barlow Lane just on the edge of town

Generally, the trails nearest the trailhead are beginner level and increase in difficulty as you get up into the hills.

Poleta Hills

This area consists of a network of moto singletrack and jeep roads. The dirt here holds up well year around. Take Line Street east from town to the base of the hills. As the road bends south turn left on a small paved road. Park here and explore.

Lower Rock Creek

This long time Eastside classic is as good as ever. The upper two sections are rated beginner+ and the lower Intermediate+. The upper trailhead is on Old Sherwin Grade just off Highway 395 and the lower trailhead is on Old Sherwin Grade in Paradise at the hairpin turn.


There's no better feeling than getting away from it all into the high country above Bishop. The traverse of Coyote Plateau and the Black Canyon to Redding Canyon rides are two prime examples, but there's lots more for the taking.

C'mon in to Aerohead for more beta on access, conditions and fun factor!

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