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Road Cycling

When it comes to road cycling the Owens Valley we have many incredible and demanding climbs along with quiet and scenic valley roads.

Round Valley

A "go to" ride for locals that features very quiet roads

Bishop Climbs

Pine Creek (8.8 mi, 3200') is the shortest of the major climbs , but also the quietest and arguably the most scenic.

South Lake (18.9 mi, 5500') rises right from town and is a long hard grind with three kickers at the end.

Rock Creek Road (20.7 mi, 5870') rises north of town from Round Valley. This climb comes in two sections. The first is up through the hamlets of Paradise and Swall Meadows to Highway 395. The second from Tom's Place to Mosquito Flats.

Big Pine Climbs

Glacier Lodge Road (9.9 mi, 3800') is a hard, steady climb right from the town of Big Pine.

White Mountain Road (20.3 mi, 6390') comes in two sections. First climb Highway 168 to Westgard Pass. Then up the White Mountain Road to the end of pavement at Schulman Grove. A personal favorite with some quite steep sections near the end.

Owens Valley South

Onion Valley (12.9 mi, 5250') is dubbed "the hardest climb in California" owing to it's continuously steep grades.

Whitney Portal (11.4 mi, 4575') rises straight to the trailhead for the tallest peak in North America. The steepest section is about midway before the switchbacks start. A true classic.

Horseshoe Meadow Road (19.4 mi, 6630') is one that's never real steep, but keeps coming at you with 8% grades for mile after mile. Combine it with Whitney Portal for a real challenge.

Come find out why pros like Dave Zabriskie, Tom Skujins, LeahThomas, and many more have trained here! It's a climbing mecca.

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